Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1 Year Post Op...catching up!

I was actually 1 year post op over a month ago. Been cutting back on some expenses since it's just me and my little guy now, so I turned off my internet at home. Then my browser is so out dated at work, Blogger won't work anymore. So, I'm blogging via my cell...bare with me!!

Here I am 13 months post op. I had gotten to a weigh in of 159 now I'm back at 161. I've been 161 for a while now. It could be worse, I could be gaining more. I have only been to the gym a handful of times since my separation. I decided though that I will not let this transition hold me back from my goal. I have 16lbs to lose to meet goal and I'm gonna get there! I owe it to myself. Yesterday, I went back to the gym yesterday and it felt incredible. Considering it had been so long (three weeks!!) I was proud of myself.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 350 Post Op

My 1 year Surgiversary is quickly approaching!! I have faced the fact that I will not be at goal, which is okay. However, even with all the DRAMA I have surrounding my life right now; I managed to lose this week. How? I have no idea because I have been basically stuffing my face with slider foods and have only been to the gym twice in the last two weeks… NOT GOOD! Today’s weigh-in was 162.1lbs. A loss of 2.3lbs this week and a total loss so far of 107.2lbs!!! I now have 17.1lbs to lose to reach my ultimate goal of 145! I did look up my BMI today just to check…my starting BMI at surgery was 44, my BMI today is 27! LOVE IT!! I appreciate all the support I have received and I know I will get there and things at home will calm down. And as soon as we get back into some kind of routine; I can hit it hard :)

Friday, August 16, 2013

11 Months Post-Op

I haven’t posted in so long. I was just going to wait until my 1 year surgiversary but there has been so many things going on in my life, I felt I needed to write about it. I am 11 months post op now. I haven’t reached my goal yet but I am slowly and surely going to get there. I have lost a total of 105lbs. I have 20lbs more to lose. I’ll get there! I feel good physically. I am physically a completely different person now. I have energy and I’m able to do so much more with so less effort. It’s an awesome feeling!! I still struggle with my fat brain. It wants to eat the wrong things; it wants to tell me that my loose skin is hideous and that I am still that fat and insecure girl. I listen much less then I used to though  I have been dealing with a lot of stress lately. My husband and I have separated. We had serious problems prior to my weight loss and he wasn’t too thrilled about me having surgery anyway. I think a lot had to do with his insecurities in that we had a big age gap between us (me being the younger one). It was my decision and a very difficult one. I had stayed in the marriage because of our precious little boy. However, I didn’t feel like it was fair to any of us for him to be raised in a home where it was always stressful, tense and his parents were not happy. It has been hard on all of us. However, my main concern and priority is with my little guy that he adjusts well and knows that not only is this not his fault but that both his parents love and adore him and will take care of him. He is only 4 and he’s slowly coming around. We have good and bad days. Due to everything going on, I haven’t been hitting the gym like I was. I know I will get there. I have been attending one or two Zumba classes a week…I LOVE Zumba!! I know my fluid and protein consumption hasn’t been as great as they have been. Stress definitely has an effect on my sleeve. I promised myself that I wouldn’t let this discourage me or sabotage all that I have worked for. So, I am going to pay more attention…for a few weeks I was using My Fitness Pal, which helped me a lot. Got to get back on that! I also have my year follow-up with my surgeon on September 4th. I can’t wait!!! I’ll update and keep you posted how it goes. Take Care guys!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

10 months Post-op

I haven't posted in a while. I've been doing well though. The weight loss had slowed quite a bit, however I have reached a goal if 100lbs lost. Hope everyone is well. I'll post again soon! :)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy 9 month Surgiversary to me!!

Today is my 9 month Surgiversary! YAY!! So, I thought I would make some lists. First, a list of all the Non-Scale Victories I have had over the last 9 months (well, as many as I can remember). Thankfully, I have had many! Secondly, a list of the challenges and struggles I face since making this life changing decision. Lastly, I wanted to make a list of my goals for the next few months coming up to my 1 year anniversary.

First of all, I did my usual Friday morning weigh-in. For the last couple of weeks I have stayed the same (that is better than a gain any day!)

This morning I was 175.6lbs.
For a total loss of 93.7lbs
With 30.6lbs more to go
To hit my goal of 145lbs.

I have so many people telling me that I would be too skinny if I lost 30 more pounds. I don’t think so; maybe they are just trying to be nice. I look so very different with clothes on then clothes off (Thank You Spanx, I Love You!!) I most definitely have 30 more pounds to lose!

On to the Lists…

NSV (Non Scale Victories)

·        No more Diabetes!!! My A1C levels are now in the NORMAL range J
·        Wearing clothes off the regular size racks…LOVE THAT!
·        My BMI going from 44 (morbidly obese) to 29 (overweight)
·        Crossing my legs with ease
·        Painting my toe nails with ease
·        Tying my shoes with ease
·        Walking with ease
·        Being able to wrap a regular sized towel around me out of the shower and it lap over from top to bottom
·        No longer being the biggest person in the room.


·        Head Hunger…needless to say…It’s a biotch! You know the saying…Shut up stomach; you’re bored not hungry…that’s me!
·        Carbs…Anytime I have something upsetting or stressful come my way, the first thing I think is…I need crunchy and salty now!
·        Making time to exercise more. Having a little one, a full time job and a household to keep up, it’s easy to make excuses.

·        A No Excuse Attitude! I made this commitment and it is up to be to follow through. The only one getting cheated is me when I make excuses.
·        Be considered a Healthy BMI by my 1 year anniversary in 3 months! That is to lose 30lbs to be at 145lbs J
·        More Zumba, Cardio and Resistance Training to tone up my flabbiness.

There were many days after surgery that I thought to myself “What did I do??” It’s normal! As I have read and heard from other wls patients. There is no finish line. This is a life changing decision and I can say that I would do it all again tomorrow!

Friday, April 26, 2013

34 weeks Post-op

Almost 8 months…wow it’s hard to comprehend. Sometimes it feels like just yesterday that I was on my way to the hospital for surgery then other times it feels like I have been on this journey forever.  There are so many wonderful changes happening. More energy, more outgoing, smaller sizes, having fun exercising; it’s like a whole new world is opening up to me. I read about a Color Vibe 5K run coming near my home in June. I would love to be a part of it. I haven’t been running but just the thoughts of being able to excite me. I may end up just volunteering at this one; I think that would be loads of fun too.

A year ago, I was at a low, I couldn’t walk to the mailbox without being out of breath. I would walk into the house after a day at work and just want to eat and go to bed. I was exhausted. Don’t get me wrong life is not all roses but I have made some drastic changes. I have focused on the things I have control over…ME! Now, I’m energized! I’m sitting on go all the time. It’s simply an amazing feeling.

I was asked the other day if I still got nervous when it was time to step on the scale. Of course I do! I also keep in mind that the scale can also only tell me one thing. My weight; the scale cannot tell me how I physically feel. There have been quite a few times since surgery, I have stepped on the scale and it is the same as the week before and even a couple times be a gain from the week before. I try my best not to let it discourage me but inspire me to work even harder.  Then those days that it’s time to weigh in and I have had a loss. I feel blessed; so very fortunate that I had the opportunity to take this path to better health. Today was one of those days. I stepped on the scale this morning and I had a 2.2lb loss this week. 180.6lbs! I couldn’t be happier. I couldn’t even envision weighing 180lbs a year ago.

I know this journey is difficult and when I am feeling down and I want to give in to those mind games. I just remember myself prior to surgery and how lost I felt then. How uncomfortable I was in my own skin. Then I look at now, it’s not always easy to see what others see. My mind is still having issues catching up with my body. However, I sit back and take a few quiet moments and realize I am a different person now. I am in control of myself. I succeed because I choose to.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Catching Up....7 months Post-Op

Hi folks! Wow!! I haven’t posted since March 12th?? What’s up with that! It seems like time just flies by lately. I have also made a page on FB, and been involved with different support groups there. So, if you are on FB check it out. www.facebook.com/ChristysVsgJourney

So…since my last post, we had my little man’s 4th Birthday. I did not eat a cupcake (but wanted one of course). Easter, I baked a 7 layer chocolate cake…did not eat any!! I did partake in a few pieces of candy which took me days to get over those sugar cravings. I will not make that mistake again! Then my sister-in-law’s birthday at the Cheesecake Factory…Seriously?!? I got through it though. NO cheesecake for me J I had the grilled Salmon and steamed asparagus… I treated myself to Starbucks afterward. Yes, that is correct I said Starbucks, I have broken one rule of WLS. Hi, my name is Christy and I am an addict, a caffeine addict! We own a Keurig and I was being a good little sleeve patient and buying the decaf brands for myself. Then it was the night of Thanksgiving and we were hitting all the sales at midnight. I make a cup of regular…I felt the jolt and I loved it. A regular here, a regular there, it didn’t take long until I was only drinking decaf at night. Then one evening after a support group meeting stopping at Starbucks….Grande medium roast with a shot of espresso, room for cream…I am an addict. I must have coffee and the good stuff! J

I am now 7 months and 2 weeks post op. My weigh in this morning was at 182.8.  For a total loss of 86.5lbs!! At my last post I weighed in at 189.9 (six month check-up) as you can tell I had a small loss this past month. For a couple weeks, a complete stand still. That is a scary feeling!!

 I have noticed a few new things in the last month.  Eating is getting easier. I have not cared for steak since surgery until recently. It’s good to me now and the consistency is easier for me to handle. It has been difficult for me to tolerate the consistency of Greek yogurt so I just stopped trying for a long time. I started back again recently and now, it’s actually good to me. I mix in a bit of Special K protein plus cereal to give it some crunch, which seems to help too. Noticing a pattern here…consistency of foods seem to be a big thing for me. I have been trying my best to make sure I am getting all the protein required daily. I have kept it a lean meat (grilled, baked or broiled) and a steamed veggie for an evening meal. I go to the gym when I leave work and pick up my little guy (they have child care there too) and after the workout and I get home to cook, I am totally ready to eat! As far as liquids, I am throwing them back like it’s nobody’s business! I have been getting 100+ozs a day. I can tell a huge difference there!! Loving the crystal light liquid…before the crystal light packets would give me killer indigestion but the liquid doesn’t bother me at all! J

Still in a size 14…some are loose but most fit just right. Some large tops some XL. I did try on a size large skirt the other day. That felt awesome!! J I have to stop myself from buying clothes. I have been very fortunate that my Mom wears a 14 with large and xlarge. So, I have been able to raid her closet ;) Thanks Mom J!!

Still working to my next goal of 100lbs loss by Memorial Day, I made this goal when I reached Onederland so I’m sticking with it.

Have a fabulous weekend peeps!! J

SW 269.3
CW 182.8
GW 145

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

6 Month Follow-Up...

I had such an incredible day yesterday.  I had my 6 month follow-up with my surgeon and it made my day. No, not just my day…it made this last 6 months totally worth it!

First off, I always weigh in on the morning I am going to visit the doctor. I want to compare scales. So, yesterday still half asleep; I stepped on my scale. 189.9? Is that even possible? Last Thursday, on my 6 month Anniversary I weighed 192.6. Heck yeah it’s possible! I have been sweating my ass off at the gym, pushing fluids like crazy and being extra careful with the foods I have been eating. What better feeling then to break into the 180’s on my follow-up day! I appointment was that afternoon so I was well prepared not to weigh 189.9. But I DID!

My surgeon’s PA, Robin came in the room and asked, “Just how far out from surgery are you?” I said, “Six months, why?” Then she says, “80 pounds? DAMN!!” I had the biggest smile of my face. I told her it didn’t even seem real at times.

Sometimes I catch glimpses of myself walking by a mirror or window and I do a double take. Then other times when I am trying to look at myself I don’t see that much of a difference. I see the sagging here, cellulite there…all the yucky stuff.  I’m sure I have some form of body dysmorphia going on. Any who…Robin asked about my protein and liquid amounts, she was overall very pleased. Then out of the blue says she would like for me to consider coming to speak at one of the Weight Loss Surgery Seminars that pre-op patients have to attend. I am thinking…What?? Me?? The FAT girl come talk to others about losing weight?? She said she needed success stories to help new patients relate and I was definitely a success story. I told her I would consider it and let her know. That scares the crap out of me but in another way I think it would be good for me. It is an honor to be asked and it would be something totally out of my character. Breaking out of the comfort zone is what this journey is mostly about for me. Food can no longer be my comfort. Although there are still days when all I want is some food to comfort me. Food is not a solution to any of my problems except hunger.

I once felt so self-conscience at the gym. I didn’t want to do anything to draw attention to myself. I would get on the stationary bike at the back or the treadmill at the back. Now, I could care less. I went in the other day and all the treadmills were taken and lined up in front of the treadmills are the ellipticals. Not a soul on the ellipticals. I got right up there, right in the middle of the row. I would have NEVER done that before. This journey is about me, no one else. I can’t care about what other may say or may think about me.  

For the first time in my life I think I can honestly say; I am not ashamed of myself and my appearance. I still have times that I feel uneasy about wearing certain things, but I’m getting better with that. I am not finished losing. I am not where I want to be yet, but I am so far from where I once was.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy Surgiversary to Me!!

Today is my 6 Month Surgiversary!! Although I usually weigh on Friday mornings; I decided it was only proper to do it today….

For a total loss of 76.7lbs!!! I can feel those 180’s!!

I will take that for 6 months out J I go back on Monday to by Surgeon for a follow-up I hope he will be as thrilled as I am.

On the workout front…I totally rocked that elliptical for 25mins last night!! I am loving it! I have so many things in mind for other workouts. I do the weight machines like three times a week but I think I need more. Maybe I need to attend a Zumba class or something. I need to tighten and tone!!!

Any suggestions from other WLS peeps?? My tummy, inner thighs and arms need all the help they can get J

Have a great weekend!

Friday, February 22, 2013

25 weeks Post-Op

I’m feeling great today! Two weeks ago I made it into Onederland, then last week I had yet another stall. I hadn’t been able to make it to the gym but once a week for a couple weeks. However, after this last stall I went to the gym and sweated my butt off Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I’m also going today. I am in love with the elliptical. That thing is no joke! There is not a part of my body this week that isn’t sore AND I love it!! Ya know what they say…

“Pain is weakness leaving the body” and I am feeling strong J

So, this morning after my shower, to the scale I went…


A 2.7lb loss from last week….I will totally take it. I worked hard for it.

It makes me wonder though…am I out of the honeymoon stage??? There have been many weeks of a 2-3lbs loss and I did nothing extra. I am not discounting the loss, I am thrilled! I have noticed a couple things lately. I can eat a little more and can tolerate a few more foods that I couldn’t a couple months ago. Nothing bad really…like steak and shrimp I couldn’t stand the consistency a few months post-op. We went out a couple nights ago (it is a rarity because I just prefer to cook now) I shared on my husband’s plate. Fajitas…usually I just eat the chicken but tonight I tried the steak and shrimp…YUMMY!! And some not so good stuff (a little rice…NO problems with my sleeve) Yikes! I have to remember now that my sleeve is just a tool to assist me in my goals. It is totally up to me what I put in my body. I am the only one accountable.

Is it hard that my husband “HAS” to have something sweet with his coffee every night? Sure is, because it makes me want something too. Am I able to eat a snack at night before bed? Yes! Do I need it? No! It is my choice and if I make bad choices I can’t blame anyone but myself. I wanted this surgery and I am going to make the best of it. It is going to take some major Behavior Mortification on my part. I have 33 years of bad eating habits; it’s going to take longer than 6 months to break them…for me anyhow.

I have set my next goal though. Now that I have arrived in Onederland, I want to lose 100lbs by Memorial Day weekend (that will be my May 24th weigh-in) so far I have lost 73.8lbs. So, I have 3 months to lose 26.2lbs. I think it is doable J

My Stats:
Starting Weight 269.3
Surgery Weight 259
Goal Weight 145
Current Weight 195.5
Total loss so far 73.8

Friday, February 8, 2013

I Have Officially Made It To.....


Last week I weighed in at 201.5 a .4lb gain from the week before. Talk about being depressed, at first being stuck at 201 for two weeks didn’t make me work harder, it made me eat! I fought back after much reflection on what I was doing to myself.

Today’s weigh in was 198.1!!!

A loss of 3.4lbs after a two week stall/slight gain.

I also had a HUGE NSV this week…I have been going to the gym since 6 weeks out of surgery. I’m now at 23 weeks (5 months yesterday). I have done the bike, treadmill, stair climber and all kinds of weight machines. I have stared at the elliptical. It intimidated me so much. I got on it for like 30 seconds when one of the trainers was showing me around on my first day. It feels so unnatural. However…Wednesday night…I DID IT! I was doing my usual mile on the treadmill before heading to the weights and I decided. I would get on and try 10 minutes. I got on, entered my weight, manual setting and entered 10 mins. It was a rough start, took me a few to get a good rhythm going but when I did. I loved it! Boy, I was sweating and for the last two days the muscles in my legs have been screaming!! I can’t wait to go back and keep working at it. J

Have a great weekend!! J

Monday, January 28, 2013

A Love/Hate Relationship...

My sleeve and I.

A Love/Hate relationship.

The love part…I love my sleeve, there is absolutely NO way I could have lost 68lbs in the last 4 ½ months (or ever…let’s get serious) without my sleeve. It has literally saved my life. My life is no longer controlled by my size. Don’t get me wrong…I am far from slim and trim but 68lbs less is major!

The hate part….I hate my sleeve. We all have stress daily in our lives and on most days I can totally handle it. Then there are those days when I want to stuff my face until the stress, hurt, disappointment and sorrows melt away. That was my old life and there are days I miss the hell out of it. It is totally the truth that WLS changes your body…not your mind. With that said I come right back to the love part.

I’m thankful for my sleeve because even though we have this love/hate relationship. I’m not physically able to drown my worries in calories and carbs…without getting violently sick anyways. This day will pass and this stress will pass. Another crappy day will come along and this vicious cycle of mind over matter will reappear. For now and I hope for the rest of my life…my sleeve will win.

Thank you sleeve…I do honestly love (and hate) you ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

19 Weeks Post-Op

Quick update!!

Still heading in the right direction...weigh in last Friday was 203.5!

A weekly loss of 4.1lbs and a total loss of 65.8lbs!!

I am now over halfway to my goal!

I can taste Onederland now...I WANT IT BAD!! Maybe next week...

Have a great one!! :))

Friday, January 11, 2013

4 months Post-Op Update

Quick update, I haven't posted in such a long time. The last time was right before Christmas and I weighed in at 212.7. Luckily I managed to lose over the holidays. This morning's weigh in was 207.6....Onederland is taking FOREVER!! But I'm headed in the right direction. So far a total loss of

61.7 lbs!! in 4 months (18 weeks post op)...not so bad

I'm wearing 14's now some 16's but they are getting loose. A large or xlarge...just depends. That in itself is a HUGE NSV!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. It's been a challenge getting back in the routine. But I'm glad the holidays are behind us. Going to be a beautiful weekend of 70's around here so looking forward to getting outside for some sunshine. :)

 Have a great weekend!!!