Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy 9 month Surgiversary to me!!

Today is my 9 month Surgiversary! YAY!! So, I thought I would make some lists. First, a list of all the Non-Scale Victories I have had over the last 9 months (well, as many as I can remember). Thankfully, I have had many! Secondly, a list of the challenges and struggles I face since making this life changing decision. Lastly, I wanted to make a list of my goals for the next few months coming up to my 1 year anniversary.

First of all, I did my usual Friday morning weigh-in. For the last couple of weeks I have stayed the same (that is better than a gain any day!)

This morning I was 175.6lbs.
For a total loss of 93.7lbs
With 30.6lbs more to go
To hit my goal of 145lbs.

I have so many people telling me that I would be too skinny if I lost 30 more pounds. I don’t think so; maybe they are just trying to be nice. I look so very different with clothes on then clothes off (Thank You Spanx, I Love You!!) I most definitely have 30 more pounds to lose!

On to the Lists…

NSV (Non Scale Victories)

·        No more Diabetes!!! My A1C levels are now in the NORMAL range J
·        Wearing clothes off the regular size racks…LOVE THAT!
·        My BMI going from 44 (morbidly obese) to 29 (overweight)
·        Crossing my legs with ease
·        Painting my toe nails with ease
·        Tying my shoes with ease
·        Walking with ease
·        Being able to wrap a regular sized towel around me out of the shower and it lap over from top to bottom
·        No longer being the biggest person in the room.


·        Head Hunger…needless to say…It’s a biotch! You know the saying…Shut up stomach; you’re bored not hungry…that’s me!
·        Carbs…Anytime I have something upsetting or stressful come my way, the first thing I think is…I need crunchy and salty now!
·        Making time to exercise more. Having a little one, a full time job and a household to keep up, it’s easy to make excuses.

·        A No Excuse Attitude! I made this commitment and it is up to be to follow through. The only one getting cheated is me when I make excuses.
·        Be considered a Healthy BMI by my 1 year anniversary in 3 months! That is to lose 30lbs to be at 145lbs J
·        More Zumba, Cardio and Resistance Training to tone up my flabbiness.

There were many days after surgery that I thought to myself “What did I do??” It’s normal! As I have read and heard from other wls patients. There is no finish line. This is a life changing decision and I can say that I would do it all again tomorrow!


  1. Hi! I just stumbled across your blog as I was researching vsg. I will be having my surgery on July 29, 2013. I really liked the idea of listing non scale victories. Many times people are just focused on what the scale says, not realizing that there are so many other things to be thankful for when losing weight. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!

    1. Thank you so much Jena, congrats on your surgery and I wish you the best with your journey. Feel free to ask me any questions if you need to! :)