Friday, August 23, 2013

Day 350 Post Op

My 1 year Surgiversary is quickly approaching!! I have faced the fact that I will not be at goal, which is okay. However, even with all the DRAMA I have surrounding my life right now; I managed to lose this week. How? I have no idea because I have been basically stuffing my face with slider foods and have only been to the gym twice in the last two weeks… NOT GOOD! Today’s weigh-in was 162.1lbs. A loss of 2.3lbs this week and a total loss so far of 107.2lbs!!! I now have 17.1lbs to lose to reach my ultimate goal of 145! I did look up my BMI today just to check…my starting BMI at surgery was 44, my BMI today is 27! LOVE IT!! I appreciate all the support I have received and I know I will get there and things at home will calm down. And as soon as we get back into some kind of routine; I can hit it hard :)

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  1. oh my gosh that's awesome -- congratulations!