Friday, February 22, 2013

25 weeks Post-Op

I’m feeling great today! Two weeks ago I made it into Onederland, then last week I had yet another stall. I hadn’t been able to make it to the gym but once a week for a couple weeks. However, after this last stall I went to the gym and sweated my butt off Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday. I’m also going today. I am in love with the elliptical. That thing is no joke! There is not a part of my body this week that isn’t sore AND I love it!! Ya know what they say…

“Pain is weakness leaving the body” and I am feeling strong J

So, this morning after my shower, to the scale I went…


A 2.7lb loss from last week….I will totally take it. I worked hard for it.

It makes me wonder though…am I out of the honeymoon stage??? There have been many weeks of a 2-3lbs loss and I did nothing extra. I am not discounting the loss, I am thrilled! I have noticed a couple things lately. I can eat a little more and can tolerate a few more foods that I couldn’t a couple months ago. Nothing bad really…like steak and shrimp I couldn’t stand the consistency a few months post-op. We went out a couple nights ago (it is a rarity because I just prefer to cook now) I shared on my husband’s plate. Fajitas…usually I just eat the chicken but tonight I tried the steak and shrimp…YUMMY!! And some not so good stuff (a little rice…NO problems with my sleeve) Yikes! I have to remember now that my sleeve is just a tool to assist me in my goals. It is totally up to me what I put in my body. I am the only one accountable.

Is it hard that my husband “HAS” to have something sweet with his coffee every night? Sure is, because it makes me want something too. Am I able to eat a snack at night before bed? Yes! Do I need it? No! It is my choice and if I make bad choices I can’t blame anyone but myself. I wanted this surgery and I am going to make the best of it. It is going to take some major Behavior Mortification on my part. I have 33 years of bad eating habits; it’s going to take longer than 6 months to break them…for me anyhow.

I have set my next goal though. Now that I have arrived in Onederland, I want to lose 100lbs by Memorial Day weekend (that will be my May 24th weigh-in) so far I have lost 73.8lbs. So, I have 3 months to lose 26.2lbs. I think it is doable J

My Stats:
Starting Weight 269.3
Surgery Weight 259
Goal Weight 145
Current Weight 195.5
Total loss so far 73.8

Friday, February 8, 2013

I Have Officially Made It To.....


Last week I weighed in at 201.5 a .4lb gain from the week before. Talk about being depressed, at first being stuck at 201 for two weeks didn’t make me work harder, it made me eat! I fought back after much reflection on what I was doing to myself.

Today’s weigh in was 198.1!!!

A loss of 3.4lbs after a two week stall/slight gain.

I also had a HUGE NSV this week…I have been going to the gym since 6 weeks out of surgery. I’m now at 23 weeks (5 months yesterday). I have done the bike, treadmill, stair climber and all kinds of weight machines. I have stared at the elliptical. It intimidated me so much. I got on it for like 30 seconds when one of the trainers was showing me around on my first day. It feels so unnatural. However…Wednesday night…I DID IT! I was doing my usual mile on the treadmill before heading to the weights and I decided. I would get on and try 10 minutes. I got on, entered my weight, manual setting and entered 10 mins. It was a rough start, took me a few to get a good rhythm going but when I did. I loved it! Boy, I was sweating and for the last two days the muscles in my legs have been screaming!! I can’t wait to go back and keep working at it. J

Have a great weekend!! J