Monday, January 28, 2013

A Love/Hate Relationship...

My sleeve and I.

A Love/Hate relationship.

The love part…I love my sleeve, there is absolutely NO way I could have lost 68lbs in the last 4 ½ months (or ever…let’s get serious) without my sleeve. It has literally saved my life. My life is no longer controlled by my size. Don’t get me wrong…I am far from slim and trim but 68lbs less is major!

The hate part….I hate my sleeve. We all have stress daily in our lives and on most days I can totally handle it. Then there are those days when I want to stuff my face until the stress, hurt, disappointment and sorrows melt away. That was my old life and there are days I miss the hell out of it. It is totally the truth that WLS changes your body…not your mind. With that said I come right back to the love part.

I’m thankful for my sleeve because even though we have this love/hate relationship. I’m not physically able to drown my worries in calories and carbs…without getting violently sick anyways. This day will pass and this stress will pass. Another crappy day will come along and this vicious cycle of mind over matter will reappear. For now and I hope for the rest of my life…my sleeve will win.

Thank you sleeve…I do honestly love (and hate) you ;)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

19 Weeks Post-Op

Quick update!!

Still heading in the right direction...weigh in last Friday was 203.5!

A weekly loss of 4.1lbs and a total loss of 65.8lbs!!

I am now over halfway to my goal!

I can taste Onederland now...I WANT IT BAD!! Maybe next week...

Have a great one!! :))

Friday, January 11, 2013

4 months Post-Op Update

Quick update, I haven't posted in such a long time. The last time was right before Christmas and I weighed in at 212.7. Luckily I managed to lose over the holidays. This morning's weigh in was 207.6....Onederland is taking FOREVER!! But I'm headed in the right direction. So far a total loss of

61.7 lbs!! in 4 months (18 weeks post op)...not so bad

I'm wearing 14's now some 16's but they are getting loose. A large or xlarge...just depends. That in itself is a HUGE NSV!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Years. It's been a challenge getting back in the routine. But I'm glad the holidays are behind us. Going to be a beautiful weekend of 70's around here so looking forward to getting outside for some sunshine. :)

 Have a great weekend!!!