Tuesday, October 15, 2013

1 Year Post Op...catching up!

I was actually 1 year post op over a month ago. Been cutting back on some expenses since it's just me and my little guy now, so I turned off my internet at home. Then my browser is so out dated at work, Blogger won't work anymore. So, I'm blogging via my cell...bare with me!!

Here I am 13 months post op. I had gotten to a weigh in of 159 now I'm back at 161. I've been 161 for a while now. It could be worse, I could be gaining more. I have only been to the gym a handful of times since my separation. I decided though that I will not let this transition hold me back from my goal. I have 16lbs to lose to meet goal and I'm gonna get there! I owe it to myself. Yesterday, I went back to the gym yesterday and it felt incredible. Considering it had been so long (three weeks!!) I was proud of myself.